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Creation Collective 2222 Directed by Thylda Barès

What are we talking about? 

(By the way, we don't really talk)

Shots in the distance, they flee with next to nothing and find themselves facing a river without a bridge.

On the other bank, a hut (border? checkpoint? or watchtower?) and armed uniforms (soldiers? militiamen? guards?). It pulls away; you have to cross!

On one side, a Belgian grandmother in a suitcase, dragged by her son as devoted as a Turk; a British pregnant woman, her Norwegian husband, and their big Swedish baby. 

They will manage, with their next to nothing, to find solutions; naive, quirky, bizarre, human.

On the other side of the river, two guards trying, come what may, to enforce the instructions.

We also come across the good will of a humanitarian, a seriously injured person, a lost tourist and the inevitable reporter.

There is no fate, only circumstances and opportunities, and the means they find, together, to seize them.

There are, on each of the banks of this river, clown-buffoons who speak their respective grommelot.

They are not martyrs, nor executioners. 

Just victims without pathos but full of hope, of life, put in a situation that does not date from yesterday and which reproduces itself endlessly.

Collectif 2222 (B2) copie.jpg

Alternating distribution: 

Sturla Alsvsag (Norway)

Victor Barrere (France)

Andrea Boeryd (Sweden)

Alan Caincross (Scotland)

Yen Ling Chang (Taiwan)

Paul Colom (France)

Arthur Dumas (France)

Manon Dumonceaux (Belgium)

Vincent Leconte (France)

Elizabeth Margereson (England)

Ulima Ortiz (Colombia)

Tibor Radvanyi (France)

Sencan Oytun Tokuç (Turkey)


Thylda Barès (Franco-Brazilian)

Collective Creation

Duration: 60 minutes

All the public over 5 years

Production: Collective 2222

With the support of :

The city of Merville-Franceville / The city of Bergen (Norway) / The Department of Calvados / The Normandy Region / The Victor Hugo Theater - Bagneux / The Parvis d'Avignon / The Silo - Act If Network - Essonne / The Palais du Littoral Grande-Synthe / Watch out for the theater - Vitry on stage / The Éclat(s) de Rue Festival - Caen / The Mimos Festival - Périgueux / Les Effusions Festival - Val de Reuil / Mimesis Festival - IVT Paris / Tapei University / The Swedish Arts Grant Committee

In 2018, this show received the 1st Public Prize at the MIMOS Festival in Périgueux.

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