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Why do old  , who have nothing to do, cross at a red light?

Creation Collective 2222 Directed by Thylda Barès

One morning in a retirement home a little old man dies. Another is coming. 


Card games continue, sports exercises and memory workshops too. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the centenary. 

Everyone is decrepit, pretending to project themselves, waiting for us to bring them to life.


But for a little old woman, that is no longer possible. Finished the commedia, she no longer wants to play. Nursing staff and comrades forcibly reconnect her on a daily basis. 

Life is sacred as hell!

It doesn't matter, the little lady still wants to get it over with. 


Between burlesque and drama, this show questions old age and the end of life. 

With subtlety, the collective questions the taboos around the little old people and seeks through laughter and masked play to talk about intimacy, and what makes us children or old people, autonomous beings capable of making choices.

Alternating distribution: 

​Victor Barrere (France)

Andrea Boeryd (Sweden)

Yejin Choi (South Korea)

Paul Colom (France)

Julia Free (USA)

Elizabeth Margereson (England)

Ulima Ortiz (Colombia)

Tibor Radvanyi (France)


Thylda Barès (Franco-Brazilian)

Production: Collective 2222


C3 le Cube - Heart of Nacre Culture Center of Douvres-la-Délivrande

L'Odyssée - Conventional Stage of Périgueux

Victor Hugo Theater - Bagneux

Eclat(s) de Rue Festival - Caen

The Silo - Essonne 


With the support of: 

The city of Merville-Franceville /  The Department of Calvados / The Normandy Region / L'Étincelle - Theater of the city of Rouen / Theater of Fontenay-le-Fleury / La Petite Pierre - Gers / The CCOUAC - Meuse / Unity Theater / Odia Normandy / The CFPPA of Calvados with the support of the CNSA / Health Culture / Bretonneau Hospital (Paris) / EHPAD Topaze - Dozulé / EHPAD La Fontaine - Marly-le-Roi / Le Walking Foot

Scenography: Popito 

Lighting Design: Clémentine Pradier

Sound Design: Nyls Barès

Musical Creation: Victor Barrere

This show received in 2021 an Audience Award at the Mimos Festival in Périgueux

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